About Me

Picture of Joseph Hi, I'm Joseph Webber, though you can call me Joe. I'm 30 years old, currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and am a web developer.

After finishing high school (having no knowledge of programming or scripting), I applied to Nova Scotia Community College with hopes of learning the necessary skills to have a happy and successful life in the IT industry, and was accepted.

In just two years I learned several popular programming and scripting languages thanks to my instructors. Of all the languages I learned I like JavaScript and PHP the most.

I enjoy working with a team or by myself, my oral and written communication skills and attention to detail are excellent, and I strive to do my best at everything I can.

Some of my favourite hobbies include coding apps for personal use, telling terrible jokes, doing research and playing games with friends. Others who know me would tell you I am polite, well-mannered, honest, trustworthy and funny, an all-around nice guy.


Languages & Frameworks




JavaScript Angular.js PHP SQL jQuery


Ionic node.js Android Java ASP.net



Project Management Tools

Jira GitHub Git Asana Bitbucket SourceTree Trello


Brackets Visual Studio for Web Eclipse Sublime Netbeans Visual Studio

Office Software

Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access Microsoft Visio

Miscellaneous Software

WordPress XAMPP WAMP FileZilla Adobe Flash Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator VMWare Workstation Virtual Box Drupal Slack Vagrant

Operating Systems

Windows 7 OS X Windows XP Ubuntu


Resume Link

Work Experience

Created new WordPress landing pages
Performed maintenance on existing WordPress landing pages
Worked in a cloud-based development environment using WSL
Communicated frequently with colleagues on Slack and in person
Tracked tasks and time spent with JIRA

Created marina management software using ionic-angular, Cloud Firebase and ngrx/store.
Kept track of tasks with JIRA and recorded time with toggl.
Used git command line to manage branches and work on assigned tasks.
Communicated with colleagues professionally and casually with Slack.


Updated content types, features, modules and theme for Oddsshark Drupal websites.
Researched and fixed PHP7-related errors with NFL WordPress website.
Worked in a local development environment using Vagrant and Docker.
Kept track of tasks and created git branches with JIRA.
Used git command line to manage branches and work on assigned tasks.
Participated in daily scrum and bi-weekly sprint planning meetings.
Communicated with colleagues professionally and casually with Slack.

Mobile App - Android
Mobile App - iOS
Developed front and back-end of mobile app using Ionic, Angular.js and PHP.
Documented source code when pushing to the git repository with Github Desktop.
Participated in daily scrum and bi-weekly sprint planning meetings.
Completed assigned tasks efficiently and on time.
Upheld coding standards and naming conventions.

(NSCC Work Term)
Created fully responsive company intranet web page.
Upheld company quality and safety standards.

(NSCC Capstone Project)
Installed and configured WordPress and free-to-use plugins.
Created PHP scripts for adding, editing and deleting files from the web server and database.
Added and modified existing CSS styles to make the page easy to use and nice to look at.
Produced a deliverable with my peers that our client was pleased with.


HTML + JavaScript

Cooped-Up Combat Final Fantasy 14 Crit Calculator Fermi Game Number Guess Game Encoder & Decoder


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